Can I drive my golf cart on streets and trails in Erie?

Effective Oct. 1, 2010, licensed drivers 21 years of age or older may drive their golf carts on streets that have speed limits of 25 miles per hour or less. Golf carts are NOT permitted on Town of Erie trails. Further details are provided below. 

According to Town Ordinance: "Golf Cars shall be restricted to operation on streets and roadways within the Town of Erie which have a speed limit of Twenty-five miles per hour (25 mph) or less, and to operation on Mountain View Boulevard; except that a Golf Car may be operated to directly cross a roadway that has a speed limit greater than Twenty-five miles per hour (25 mph) at an at-grade crossing to continue traveling along a roadway with a speed limit equal to or less than Twenty-five miles per hour (25 mph). If the owner of the Golf Car resides at a street address where operation of a Golf Car is not allowed due to this speed restriction, the owner shall be allowed to drive the shortest route to and from the owner’s residence to a street where the Golf Car is allowed to operate." 

The ordinance does not allow one to drive on streets that are greater than 25 mph except: 

  1. If you live on one that would otherwise not allow you to leave your house (because the limit is greater than 25 mph), or 
  2. On Mountain View Boulevard BACKGROUND: During their August 24th meeting, the Town Council approved an ordinance permitting the operation of Golf Cars on town streets modeled after a similar ordinance adopted by the Town of Bow Mar, Colorado. 

The ordinance applies to either electrical or gas powered Golf Cars, but is restricted to Golf Cars as defined by the State. This ordinance is effective Oct. 1, 2010. “Golf Car”, as set forth in Colorado Revised Statutes § 42-1-102, means a self-propelled vehicle not designed primarily for operation on roadways and that has: at least three wheels in contact with the ground; an empty weight of not more than one thousand three hundred pounds; and a carrying capacity of not more than four persons. Every Golf Car shall be equipped, at a minimum, with the following equipment: 

  • Front headlamps; 
  • front and rear turn signal lamps; 
  • rear tail lamps and stop lamps; 
  • a rear view mirror or mirrors; 
  • a parking brake; 
  • a front windshield; 
  • seat belts for each occupant; 
  • two rear reflectors as either part of the tail lamps or separately; and, 
  • a slow moving vehicle sign - as provided for by State law - shall be attached on the rear of the Golf Car. 

The ordinance also includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Operators must be 21 years of age or older with valid driver’s license 
  • Operators must have liability insurance 
  • Access restricted to streets which have a speed of 25 mph or less
         * * Exception: On streets where operation is not allowed due to this restriction, owners shall be allowed to drive the shortest route to and from owner’s residence to a street where the Golf Car is allowed. 
  • Golf cars are allowed on Mountain View Boulevard 
  • Prohibited use on Town paths or trails 
  • Child restraints per State Statutes 
  • A twenty-four month review of this ordinance
  • Everyone operating a golf car shall be subject to all traffic laws

Download a Golf Car flyer, courtesy of the Erie Police Department. 

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