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Water Efficiency Rebates Application

  1. Efficiency Rebates Application

    Residential Rebates for Qualified Town of Erie Utilities Residential Customers

  2. To qualify for a rebate, you must meet all of the following requirements: Applicants must be a Town of Erie utilities customer with a current, non-delinquent account. Must be purchased between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Appliances must be for use at a Town of Erie service address. Qualified fixtures or appliances: Limit 1 high efficient washing machine. Must be a qualifying model listed on the Energy Star. Limit 2 toilets. Must be EPA WaterSense labeled, 1.1 gallons or less per flush (if dual-flush, both flushes must be 1.1gpf or less), MaP score of 600 or greater. Limit 2 showerheads. Must be EPA WaterSense labeled, 1.5 gallons per minute or less. Limit 24 high efficiency nozzles from qualified list in application. Limit 2 rain barrels, 55 gallons each. Limit 50% rebate on drip equipment (conversion kit, line, emitters, pressure reducer, etc.). Rebate amount cannot exceed equipment price. Smart Control Clocks and Rain Sensor Direct Install Programs require a Slow the Flow (STF) Assessment prior to scheduling installation (**irrigation rebates do not require STF Assessments prior to upgrades during COVID-19; direct installations still do; updated 5/8/2020). Sign up below.

  3. Account has to be in good standing (no negative balance)

  4. (If different than installation)

  5. County of Qualified Address*

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  7. Bathroom Fixtures

  8. Toilets Recycled

    Recycling Toilets is HIGHLY encouraged and is also rebated! Itemized receipt required.

  9. Number of Showerheads purchased

    To achieve $10 rebate: Watersense labeled and be 1.5 gallons per minute or less.

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  11. Appliances

  12. Energy Star Clothes Washer

    To achieve $50 rebate: Did you purchase an Energy Star 2015 (or newer) qualified.

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  14. Sprinkler Equipment

  15. Purchased 55 (or less) Gallon Rain Barrel(s)

    Up to $50 on each barrel (rebate not to exceed total cost)

  16. Drip Equipment**

    50% rebate not to exceed $50, (drip conversion kit, drip line, drip emitters, pressure reducer and y-screen, 1/4"distribution line, connection fittings, spigot timer, drip valve 15-40 psi). Consider using a certified landscape professional

  17. Receipt(s) Upload Below


  18. You rebate will be issued as credit to your water bill within one billing cycle.

    If you are a renter or you pay your HOA for your water bill, please contact after rebate submission.

  19. Affidavit

  20. I swear or affirm under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Colorado that (check one): I am a United States citizen and/or I am lawfully present in the United States pursuant to Federal law. I understand that this sworn statement is required by law because I have applied for a public benefit. I understand that state law requires me to provide proof that I am lawfully present in the United States when asked as well as submission of a secure and verifiable document. I may also be required to provide proof of lawful presence. I further acknowledge that making a false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation in this sworn affidavit is punishable under the criminal laws of Colorado as perjury in the second degree under Colorado Revised Statute 18-8-503 and it shall constitute a separate criminal offense each time a public benefit is fraudulently received. By signing this form, I certify that I purchased the fixtures or appliances as stated above and plan to install it (them) at the address indicated above within the Town of Erie service area.

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