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Police Commendations & Concerns

  1. Commendation and Complaints
  2. If you see an Erie Police Department employee exhibit outstanding behavior, tell the employee, but better yet - tell us! Likewise, we'd like to know when you feel the service you received was unsatisfactory.
  3. Notice:*

    You may remain anonymous. If you wish to be contacted, please provide contact information.

    I have read and understood that if I chose to not provide contact information, I am missing out on important information, such as:

    • whether I'm contacting the correct department/agency,
    • possible follow-up questions to address my message,
    • and what is being done to address my concerns. 

    This form is NOT to be used for reporting crimes. To report a crime, please call 9-1-1 if the crime is occurring, or 303-441-4444 if not an emergency.

  4. Incident Information

    Please provide as much information about the interaction as possible with the following details (if known).

  5. Thank You

    We appreciate you taking the time to complete this form. 

    Please indicate if you would allow the Police Department to use parts of this commentary for publishing externally.

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