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Erie Art Picnic Artist Submission

  1. Erie Art Picnic Artist Submission Form

    Sunday, July 28 from 2:00-5:00 p.m. Erie Community Center, North Lawn and Garfield Commons Multi-Purpose Room

  2. Why Am I Here?

    The Town of Erie is inviting local artists to submit their skills and works to the inaugural Erie Art Picnic. This new event will showcase local and regional artists and allow residents and visitors to not only view art, but to expERIEence art!

  3. Sounds Great! What Are the Requirements?

    We are looking for artists who are not only interested in showcasing art, but also demonstrating it to the public at the event. All mediums and art that affects different senses, like touch, smell, sound...even taste, are welcome! The requirements are a small vendor fee, a Town of Erie business license if selling art, and the ability to interact with the public and share your love of art!

  4. Ok! What Are the Deadlines?

    The final day for all applications will be 5:00 p.m. on July 5th, 2019. Once confirmed, you will be notified by staff and will submit payment to secure your booth space. No refunds will be given after July 15th, 2019.

  5. I'm In! How Can I Participate?

    There are two options to participate: Show and Sell and Artist-In-Action. No fees need to be submitted at the time of this application. Please submit your information on the form below with at least three (3) photo examples of your work. Once selected, staff will contact you with payment details. Payment holds your spot.

  6. I Have A Question. Who Should I Contact?

    Please send questions via email to

  7. Choose One

  8. Show and Sell

    $30 vendor fee. Show and/or sell your art work. No demonstration necessary. Artist brings their own table/tent. Requires a Town of Erie business license if selling. Booth spaces are 10x10.

  9. Artist-In-Action

    $15 vendor fee. We want to see your art in action! We'll provide you a tent (for outdoors) and table, for selected artists to demonstrate their abilities the day of the picnic. Selling art requires a Town of Erie business license. Encourage the use of a helper to handle sales during the event. Booth spaces are 10x10.

  10. Select your category or categories:*

  11. Will your art/demonstration create a mess?*

    **Artists will be responsible for cleaning up their areas at the conclusion of the event**

  12. Do you require power?*

    "Require" meaning my booth/art cannot survive without power

  13. What we're looking for: photos of your creations, your booth display, packaging and anything else that represents your art. **Vendors will not be accepted without photos.**

  14. FOR ARTIST IN ACTION ONLY - Describe what artistic process you'll be demonstrating to attendees at the event.

  15. I understand that I will be responsible for payment if selected for the Erie Art Picnic. Submission of this application does not guarantee entry. Booth spaces are first-come, first-served. I understand that I will be required to submit a Town of Erie Business License and/or Home Occupation License if selling art.

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