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Tree Work Permit Application

  1. Tree Work Permit Application
  2. *All contractors must be approved and have a Town of Erie Contractor's License
  3. Type of Work Proposed
  4. PLANT
  5. PRUNE
  6. Contact Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) at 811 to have all underground utilities located and marked prior to application submittal. This service is free of charge.
  7. Type of pruning
  8. Treatment
    (Insect/Disease/Nutrient Deficiency)
  9. Remove
    All stumps shall be removed below the surface of the ground
  10. Tree Location
  11. Diagram "A"
    Diagram A - Tree Work Permit
  12. Diagram "B"
    Diagram B - Tree Work Permit
  13. Please reference the appropriate diagram to best indicate the location of the tree(s) in question. Describe in detail their location. For reference, north is the top of each of the corresponding diagrams.
  14. Contractor/Homeowner Responsibility
    a. I certify I have called Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) at 811 prior to submitting a permit to plant, remove tree, stump grind, or treat trees below soil grade to have the locations of underground utilities marked. I understand that all arborists conducting work within the Town of Erie are required to obtain a Town of Erie Arborist’s License and perform all work in accordance with Town Standards and Specifications and Title 7-Chapter 3 “Trees and Shrubs” of the Municipal Code. I hereby certify that the statements above constitute a part of this application and are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and understand that this permit is valid for 30 days after date of issue.
  15. If granted, the permit is valid for 30 days after date of issue.
  16. By signing below and accepting this License, if granted, Applicant acknowledges and agrees to all terms and conditions of this License stated above and certifies that the information provided above is true and correct.
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