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Eagle Scout Candidate Proposal

  1. Eagle Scout Candidates must submit a thorough description of their project idea to the Town. After receiving initial approval the Eagle Scout Candidate must submit their Boy Scouts of America Project Proposal and Plan to the Town to be approved before beginning work on their project. Staff can provide assistance with potential projects but the Eagle Scout Candidate is encouraged to explore their own proposals prior. After the Project Proposal and Plan are approved by the Town and the Boy Scouts of America, the staff liaison and Eagle Scout Candidate can develop a project timeline. The Town is flexible with project timelines but if dates are consistently not met, the project will be terminated.

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  5. Please explain your proposed project in detail.

  6. How are you planning to fund your project?

  7. List all materials and supplies you will need.

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    Thank you for your interest in completing a project with the Town of Erie. We will contact you shortly to further discuss your project.

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