Current Open Forms

Forms available for the public to complete at this time.
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  1. Downtown Events Grant
  1. Grants to Community Organizations Application

    This grant application is used to request support through the Town of Erie's Grants to Community Organizations Program

Municipal Court

  1. Criminal Justice Records

    By submitting this form, you are requesting criminal justice records.

Parks, Open Space, Trails, Forestry

  1. Temporary License to Access Open Space

    Temporarily utilize Town of Erie Open Space to access your private property for personal or contractor access.

Permits and Licenses

  1. Certificate of Appropriateness Application
  2. Historic Landmark Nomination
  1. Handbill Permit Application

    A handbilll distribution permit is required for each applicant that will be distributing or circulating any printed or written... More…

  2. Tastings Permit

Public Works

  1. Indoor Air Quality Rebates Application

    Purchase and install qualified appliances and/or system to receive your rebate.

  2. Town of Erie Energy Efficiency Rebate Application

    This application will be what participants use to apply for energy efficiency rebates.

  3. Water Efficiency Rebates Application

    Purchase and install qualified fixtures and/or appliances to receive your rebate.

  1. Report Concerns About Stormwater Pollution

    Residents and visitors can help by reporting pollution entering storm drains and waterways.

  2. Town of Erie Turf Replacement Rebate Application

    This application will have the important information for the application as well as a checklist for homeowners.

Request for Service

  1. Homeowners Association Registration

    Per the Town of Erie Municipal Code Title 4 Chapter 12: Unit Owners’’ Associations: Every unit owners’ association organized under C.R... More…