How is my utility bill calculated?

Your monthly utility bill has three components for water, wastewater, and storm drainage services.

Customers are charged for water service through a fixed service charge and a tiered volume charge

  • The fixed service charge covers billing costs and customer costs such as field service crews, meter replacement, and repair. 
  • The tiered volume charge recovers the cost to collect, treat, and distribute water, as well as fire protection. Water is charged on an actual basis and typically fluctuates each month.

Customers are charged for wastewater service through a fixed service charge determined by your average winter usage for December, January, and February. We do this because typically, all water used is used indoors in these months, so it is a reasonable estimation of your wastewater service needs. Wastewater charges are consistent month-to-month after being updated annually.

Customers are charged for stormwater drainage through a fixed monthly charge.

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