Are TVs accepted?
No, but a list of places you can take them to (for a nominal fee) can be found on the website at:

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1. Is shredding available this fall?
2. Are TVs accepted?
3. Is there a place for paint?
4. Do you accept cars?
5. Does the cleanup includes electronics like a laptop computer and household appliances like a microwave and vacuum cleaner?
6. Will there be a place to donate lawn mowers, glass shower doors, and electronics?
7. I saw the list for electronic recycle at Fall clean up day. It says computer parts. What does that mean? Will they take laptops, pp projectors etc?
8. Are boats accepted at the landfill?
9. Does the landfill accept mattresses?
10. What about bath tubs, toilets and hot tubs
11. What items does the landfill accept?