What are the major factors affecting snow removal?
• Storm intensity
• Storm duration
• Snow accumulation
• Time of day
• Temperature
• Traffic conditions

Please note: The most dangerous street conditions may occur when the day has been warm enough to melt snow and ice and then the temperature drops in the afternoon refreezing the melted snow and ice.

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1. Does the Town plan on issuing mandatory watering restrictions this year?
2. How do I start or end my water service?
3. What are the major factors affecting snow removal?
4. Do you plow residential streets?
5. Do you plow cul-de-sacs?
6. When will you plow the secondary routes?
7. What snow plowing equipment does the Town have?
8. How are the plowing crews called out?
9. Why did you bury my sidewalk and/or driveway?
10. How can you help with snow plowing efforts?
11. How do I report a pothole?
12. Who do I contact about broken concrete?
13. How do I rent a hydrant meter?
14. What are the current water restrictions?
15. How do I get on the Town's vendor list?