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Monday, February 18

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Town Administrator

State of the Town. At the request of the Erie Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Carroll and Town Administrator presented a summary of the State of the Town. The slides for that presentation can be viewed here.

Continuing information the TA gained at this year’s Colorado City & County Management Association conference:

Ethics. Some of this will require additional explanation, but here is a summary to get conversations started…
  • Ethics are the rules that foster reciprocity and empathy and keep everyone pulling together. Honor is an important presence in our ethical world. Honoring everyone’s labor means explaining how that labor contributes to meaningful results.
  • Triangle #1: The Fraud Triangle…rationalization, pressure, opportunity. Model the behavior you expect. Be aware of what is going on in your staff’s lives so you can recognize people under pressure and the temptations that may foster. Ensure systems create a viable threat of being caught. 
  • Triangle #2: The ethical dilemma choosing between Principle and the Greatest Good. Dilemma from personal life: a teenager’s computer left open to their Facebook page; Question…does a parent respect the principle of privacy, or compromise that principle to achieve the greatest good. Answer: it depends on context.
  • Triangle #3: the Thick/Thin triangle: striking a balance between principle and relationships.  
  • Conclusions. Ethics lapses have consequences, and the worst consequences are tragic and human.
    • Ethical organizations emphasize correctives, honor and education.
    • To prevent fraud, focus on modeling appropriate behavior, be aware of pressures and reduce opportunities for fraudulent behavior.
    • Maintain awareness of Thick/Thin dynamics and balance.
    • Use the Ethical Analysis Triangles to both resolve and inculcate.
    • Sound out your ethical dilemmas: create an ethics panel that is diverse so you can benefit from multiple perspectives. 

Economic Development

Economic Development is pleased to report that the Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority approved term sheets for reimbursement agreements for two newly proposed Historic Old Town infill projects.
  • 526 Briggs: Gateway Building restaurant addition
  • 615 Briggs: Two story mix-use building with a second floor restaurant
More news to come!


The Erie Police Department hosted the metro-wide Association of LE Records Technicians/Supervisors and Managers meeting on Wednesday morning.  Attendees from various agencies complimented the gracious Records Section hostesses.
On Tuesday evening, the BOT approved two new police officers to be hired immediately. The posting and application process began on Thursday.

Public Works

Public Works celebrated the successful installation of solid waste conveyors at the Water Treatment Plant. This marks one step closer to the completion of the Solid Handling project in anticipation of a plant expansion.
Public Works emerging leaders (supervisors and staff) attended the Basic Management training in Utah.
Also happy to report that the Upper Colorado snow pack, the Town's main water supply, is looking good.


Finance met with Enterprise Fleet Management to explore  reducing maintenance and fuel usage by purchasing certain Town vehicles. The endeavor could result in a net savings to the Town with the ability to replace vehicles in a more timely manner. Finance is also exploring, as part of these discussions, the acquisition of electric vehicles.

Parks & Recreation

Staff is cleaning up illegal dumping and debris on the recently purchased 255 acres along I-25. The agricultural activities will remain until which time a future plan is made.

There are updates to the Oil and Gas operations webpage, currently accepting citizen feedback regarding the updates UDC chapter 12 – Oil and Gas.

The Red Cross recognized how fabulous Erie Community Center's swim lesson program is and offered free registration to a train-the-trainer Water Safety Instructor Certification course.

Thank you to Erie High School! This week was “Erie Parks and Recreation Night at the High School”.  Recreational coaches and players wearing their uniform got in free to the basketball game.
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