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Monday, February 11

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Town Administrator

Lafayette IGA. This morning the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in Erie’s favor by denying Lafayette’s request to consider their appeal of the Court of Appeals ruling against Lafayette. Tomorrow night we will discuss with the Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority and the Board of Trustees the implications of this Court decision for the IGA.  
CCCMA Conference. Wednesday through Friday last week I attended the Colorado City/County Management Association annual conference in Glenwood Springs. The following sessions were especially informative:

  • Program Mapping. During this working session we started listing the services each town/city/county provides and did test runs of software to help understand how it works. I will work with Town staff to complete the listing for Erie, and then we can use the software to identify other potential partners (school districts, other cities/towns, counties, fire districts, hospitals, non-profits, businesses) to insource, outsource or collaborate for cost efficiencies and/or service enhancements.   
  • Storying Your Town and the People Who Live There. This session focused on identifying the stories that make up the town history and using them to build civic identity and pride. Answering questions like…What is the origin of the name of your town? What stories of your town make you proud? What stories are the “sticky” stories that won’t go away? Searching for these stories, listening like a storyteller (“storying”), and then storytelling can help foster identity and civic pride. What are the stories of Erie you want to tell? Please tell me! J
  • The Value of Loving Where You Live. In this session Peter Kageyama, author of For the Love of Cities suggested that residents often don’t know how to ask for beauty, art, and great design, so we need to be their advocates. To build a great town, functionality and safety is a requirement, but is not enough. We also need the town to be comfortable, convivial and Fun! For all developments, infrastructure projects and programs, Peter suggests asking, “Where is the fun?” He cited many examples of projects in Colorado and elsewhere that create fun, surprise and delight people, and make both residents and visitors talk positively about the town, including Fort Collins Alleys. Murals in St. Petersburg, FL, Mice on Main in Greenville, SC, Muscatine River Monster in IA, and the Big Blue Bear in Denver. He suggested we look beyond the cost of things and also look to see the value of things, as well as thinking about “the cost of ugly and boring”. One quote he used is, “Worry is a misuse of imagination”. In that spirit, I wonder how we might create some more fun in Erie. How about a purple house creative center? :)

    There were several other sessions at the conference that were great. So this Update is not too long, I’ll cover those in next week’s update.

Economic Development

Colorado ranked #4 on the 24/7 Wall Street's 2019 list of "Best States to Live In". This ranking is attributed to 18 economic indicators. Erie's Economic Development Manager invites you to discover more by visiting the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation's February Indicators Report webpage.

Parks & Recreation

Extending the Community Center hours was met with resounding success. Many patrons are utilizing the 5 a.m. opening and continue to express appreciation.

Parks and Recreation debuted the 'Forever Young' social media campaign this week. Like the Erie Parks and Recreation Facebook page to receive a weekly dose of advice from some of Erie's nonagenarians (90 years of age or older).

Parks and Recreation staff are actively identifying land to acquire to broaden Erie's already abundant Open Space portfolio.


In the early morning hours of Monday, February 4, Erie Police Officers and Detectives investigated a series of vehicle trespasses in the parking lots of the Goddard School and Primrose Academy. Purses, wallets and credit cards were stolen. The cards were used by two males to purchase gift cards at the King Soopers and Walgreens in Lafayette. The investigation is ongoing and in cooperation with Parker and Ft. Collins who have experienced similar crimes.

On Thursday evening, Administrative Manager Sarah Lambert hosted the first Volunteer In Police Services (VIPS) quarterly meeting. The Erie Police Department currently has 18 volunteers who assist with a myriad of police related functions: role-playing for training; data entry; assisting with oral boards; and a host of other duties. Their service is invaluable!

Human Resources

Human Resources continues recruitment for multiple seasonal and part time Parks and Recreation positions in addition to Parks and Open Space Division Manager, and Facility Operations Specialist.

This week, Human Resources announced the intent to hire a Human Resources Manager. This is a remarkable opportunity for a visionary with practical leadership skills to recommend and implement new strategies that align with Erie's culture. Applicants are encouraged to apply online by February 15, 2019.

Additionally, Human Resources attended a conference with the goal of streamlining and digitizing processes with Laserfiche's record management solutions.

Information Technology

The IT Department created new badge profiles for Retired Erie Police Officers, sent out an invitation to bid on an upcoming audio video project, and accompanied Human Resources at the conference to increase knowledge of the Town's record management system, Laserfiche.

Public Works

Public Works is pleased to report that the North Water Reclamation Facility has gained compliance with effluent copper levels.The two year endeavor to decrease copper was successful in part to a 2017 corrosion study initiated by Erie's Water and Wastewater Divisions. The subsequent adjustment of pH levels minimized the degree of copper corrosion in residential pipes. 
Beginning at 6 p.m., on Wednesday the first wave of street maintenance crews battled the heavy band of snow for three hours. The next crew reported at midnight, and were met with 5 inches of snow. While the snow tapered off, the frigid temperatures set in. Roads were plowed and 'Ice Slicer' material applied. Snow crews remained on routes into the morning of February 7 to mitigate loose and slushy snow.   

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