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Erie Police Warn Residents
of Common Scams

On occasion, the Erie Police Department receives reports of various types of scams and claims of fraudulent activities.  The Police Department would like to inform Erie residents of some of the common scams they have seen this summer in hopes to raise awareness.

This scam includes a phone call from someone claiming to work for Xcel Energy threatening to turn off electricity or natural gas services if they are not paid immediately over the phone. According to Xcel, they will send a disconnection notice by U.S. mail before turning off power.  If you feel you may be speaking with an imposter, hang up and call Xcel directly. 

Find more information regarding this particular scam here.

This scam occurs when a check is sent to pay for an item the victim is selling but the payment is much more than the cost of the item.  The victim is directed to deposit the check and send the scammer the overage.  Although the check or money orders look real, they are actually fake. This results in victims losing the difference they sent the scammers in cash (after the victim deposited the money order in their bank account and it supposedly cleared), as well as the item shipped to the scammer.


Similar to the Overpayment Scam, this scam involves the victim receiving a check for “prize winnings”.  The victim is then directed to send some money to the sender to pay for taxes.  The check is later discovered to be fraudulent in these cases. 

If you are unsure if you are being scammed, do not provide any identifying information over the phone.  Most legitimate businesses will not ask for this information by unsolicited telephone calls. 

Find more information and resources related to common scams here

If you report a fraud promptly, you improve your chances of recovering what you have lost. It also helps law enforcement authorities stop scams before other people become victims.  If you believe you may be the victim of a scam, please call the Erie Police Department to file a report at 303-441-4444.

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