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Erie Board of Trustees Action Items
December 13, 2016

Board Approves Supplemental Appropriations for 2016

The Board approved the 2016 2nd Supplemental Appropriation Request which represents staff’s conservative and prudent estimates for providing on-going, quality services to customers for 2016.  Although some data is presented as the total of all funds, each fund is independent of the other funds.

Revenues: Total projected revenues are being increased $21.0 million. Significant increases include $18.8 million in gross bond proceeds from the wastewater bond refunding, $813 thousand in irrigation tap fees in the water fund, $332 thousand in developer payments to the wastewater fund, and $200 thousand in additional retail sales tax.

Expenditures: Total requested expenditure changes reflect an increase of $21.9 million, primarily the result of the wastewater bond refunding and previously approved capital project requests.

View the 2016 2nd Supplemental Appropriations here.

Board Approves 2017 Budget

The Board of Trustees adopted the Town of Erie’s Budget for the calendar year beginning January 1, 2017.  Total revenues across all funds are projected to be $55 million.  The General Fund has a budgeted surplus of $211,000. Total revenues in the General Fund are $21,160,400 and total General Fund expenditures are $20,949,100.

General fund revenues excluding transfers are up $1.1 million, or 6%.  Taxes (including taxes passed thru from the State and counties) are expected to increase $1.6 million, or 12%, primarily due to higher levels of sales tax as a result of the opening of King Soopers Marketplace at Vista Ridge.  Expenditures are budgeted to increase $1.5 million, or 8%, compared to the final 2016 budget.

View the Adopted 2017 Budget here.

Board Certifies Town of Erie Property Taxes for 2017

The Town of Erie's assessed valuation has decreased 3.1% from $289,707,406 in 2016 to $284,087,569 for 2017. This change was due to a 65% decrease in assessed values of oil and gas properties, offsetting increases in assessed values due to building activity.  Oil and gas properties currently account for approximately 3% of the total assessed valuation base.

Pursuant to Colorado State Statues, Town Staff has calculated the 2017 Operating Mill Levy to be 7.288.  This property tax rate is the same as the 2016 Operating Mill Levy.

Erie voters approved an additional mill levy for trails and natural areas beginning in the 2005 Tax Collection Year.  This shall be certified to each county as 4.000 mills for the 2017 Tax Collection Year.  The purpose of this mill levy is the construction and acquisition of trails and natural areas.  Beginning in 2015 revenues arising from this mill levy may also be used for qualifying maintenance expenses.

In addition, Erie voters approved an additional mill levy in 2006 for debt service on the general obligation bonds for the Erie Community Center.  The bonds were originally issued in July 2006 and the first debt service payment was due in 2007.  The bonds were partially refunded in 2013. This mill levy shall be certified to each county as 4.502 mills for the 2017 Tax Collection Year (an increase of 0.115 mills compared to 2016 but a decrease of 2.818 mills since the original levy). 

In 2014, Erie voters also approved an additional mill levy for debt service on the general obligation bonds issued to fund construction of a new public safety facility.  This mill levy shall be certified to each county as 0.758 mills for the 2017 collection year (an increase of 0.014 mills compared to 2016 but a decrease of 0.120 mills since the original levy).  The total mill levy for general obligation bond debt service for the community center bonds and the public safety facility bonds for 2017 will be 5.260 mills.

The total mill levy certified to each county is 16.548 for the 2017 Tax Collection Year.  This represents an increase of 0.129 in mill levy from the 2016 Tax Collection Year.  This increase is due to the decrease in assessed valuations of oil and gas properties and the resulting increase in the mill levy required for debt service.

For information regarding additional property taxes levied by jurisdictions other than the Town of Erie, please select from the following links:

Board Approves Revised Impact Fees

Over the past year, the Town and its consultants have been engaged in a review of the Town’s Impact Fees imposed on residential development.  Impact fees are one-time payments used to fund capital improvements necessitated by growth.  They are proportionate and reasonably related to the capital facility demands of new development.  During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Board approved an ordinance on Second Reading outlining the revised Impact Fees (see Fee Summary Comparison below).  In a separate action, the Board approved an ordinance in order to accommodate proposed modifications to the Town’s Unified Development Code pertaining to how the Town’s Neighborhood parks are dedicated and constructed.  

 Fee Summary Comparison (Current Fee / Revised Fee)

  • Parks:  $2,165 /  $3,889
  • Public Facilities: $1,678 / $1,821
  • Transportation: $1,808 / $5,908
  • Storm Drainage: $1,300 / $1,543
  • Tree: $300 / $300
TOTAL:  Current Fees - $7,251 / Revised Fees - $13,461

Board Approves Downtown Framework Plan

The Downtown Redevelopment Framework Plan (Plan) document is a guideline intended to be a companion to the Unified Development Code, Comprehensive Plan and Urban Renewal Plan.  The intent of the Plan is to identify specific components within the Plan Influence Area and suggest possible future physical improvements as well as planning and redevelopment strategies that will guide and inform redevelopment opportunities and future public improvements. The Plan was discussed during Joint Study Sessions of the Board of Trustees and Planning Commission and presented to the public during an October 4, 2016 Open House.

View Downtown Redevelopment Framework Plan here.

Board Considers Code Amendment for
Old Town Residential District

The Board considered on First Reading an amendment to Title 10 of the Town of Erie Municipal Code for the purpose of making the Dwelling, Duplex Use Type as a Special Review Use within the Old Town Residential (OTR) zone district.  Currently Dwelling, Duplex is a Permitted Use-By-Right within the OTR zone district.  The Board is scheduled to consider this ordinance on Second Reading during their January 10, 2017 meeting.

More Information & Upcoming Meetings

View complete December 13, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Packet here.

The regularly scheduled December 27, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting has been cancelled.  The next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting will be held on to Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.  All meetings are held in the Town Hall boardroom located at 645 Holbrook Street in Erie.

Board of Trustees Action Items are brief summaries of some, but not all, agenda items and do not serve as the official meeting minutes.  Select this link to view archived Board of Trustees meeting online via the On Demand Video service.  To request approved meeting minutes of Board of Trustees meetings, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at

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