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Police Department Introductions

This summer we are introducing you to some of the men and women of the Town of Erie Police Department.  These introductions are informal and brief – so whether you are new to Erie or have lived here for years, we hope you’ll take just a moment to get to know us a little better.  And next time you see us out in the community – be sure to say “hi” to our officers.  We are only strangers once.
It is an honor to serve you and the entire Erie community.  Thank you!

Town of Erie Police Department Introductions
Officer Parker & Officer Chester
Introduce yourselves
Jamie: School Resource Officer Jamie Chester
Bryan: Officer Bryan Parker

How long have you been a Police Officer?  How long with the Erie Police Department?
Jamie11 years; all have been with the Erie Police Department
Bryan10 years total; 9 of them with the Erie Police Department

Why did you want to be in law enforcement? 
Jamie I grew up knowing I always wanted to help people, but knew a desk job wouldn’t be for me; that led me to becoming a police officer.  
BryanI was always fascinated with police officers as a kid.  As funny as it sounds, I really like the show Cops and thought that was what I wanted to do.  As I got older, I thought maybe I wanted to be a dispatcher, but when my family and I moved to Colorado I decided law enforcement was the path I should go down.  And side note – the job is nothing like what they show on TV! 

Tell us about an average day for you at work
JamieAs the School Resource Officer, my day typically follows the kids’ schedules.  I begin my day with a briefing at the Police Station, then I head to the High School.  I spend a majority of my day with High School students – building a rapport with them and assisting the administrative staff when needed.  I also am responsible for visiting with all of the other schools in Erie and am available to those students if needed.  At times, I will lead discussions or classes and I also enjoy going to recess with the elementary kids too!
BryanI work day shift; most of my day is spent out in the community.  I will work traffic control, visit businesses on foot patrol, answer service calls that come in from dispatch and work on code enforcement.

When you tell people you’re a cop, what is the first question they ask you? 
JamieUsually people want to know if you know their brother or sister or other family member who is a Police Officer in a different city.  I usually don’t, but I'm appreciative that those people recognize how small and tight knit the law enforcement community can be.
BryanWhen we meet kids out in the community, they more often than not want us to use our Taser; adults usually jokingly say “it wasn’t me”!   But, with the jokes aside most people I meet are very appreciate of our Police Department and want to show their support of us. 

What neighborhood are you assigned to? 
JamieAs the School Resource Officer I am not assigned to any specific neighborhood, but if there is anything that involves a juvenile I will likely be there to assist. 
BryanI am assigned to Arapahoe Ridge.  I make sure to help patrol the areas, assist residents with concerns, and participate in designated community events and meetings.

What do you love about working in Erie? 
JamieI love Erie’s community! I am grateful that every day is different and challenging, and I’m especially grateful to be able to mentor the youth of Erie.
BryanI too love the sense of community Erie has, and like many have said before me – I love working with everyone in the Police Department, the people here make you feel like family. 

1000 Telleen Avenue | P.O. Box 510
Erie, CO 80516 | 303-926-2800

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