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The Town of Erie is making public our offer to the City of Lafayette for establishment of a setback buffer between the Beacon Hill neighborhood and the Nine Mile Corner mixed-use (commercial/retail) development located at the southeast corner of Highway 287 and Arapahoe Road.  This offer is based on recognized and accepted land use standards of the City of Lafayette. 

More specifically, the Town of Erie has notified City of Lafayette legal counsel that Erie is willing to incorporate, and in fact will require that a final site plan for Nine Mile Corner include: “…any setback buffer standard from the current Lafayette Municipal Code (Chapter 26 Development & Zoning) and/or to adhere to the Buffer (Buffer Zone) definition in Appendix D: Glossary of terms on page 178 of the 2013 City of Lafayette Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan as adopted by the City of Lafayette”.  

According to Erie Town Administrator A.J. Krieger, the offer is intended to bring some clarity to the situation and reaffirm the Town’s commitment to act in good faith when considering a setback buffer. 

“Granted, it is a unique solution, but given the circumstances we believe the opportunity to apply Lafayette’s own land use requirements to Erie’s project is another example of our commitment to a reasonable approach to accommodating the two communities’ competing commercial interests at this intersection,” Krieger said.  “In all my years in local government, I don’t recall one municipality extending this type of extra-jurisdictional authority to another municipality,” he said. 
BACKGROUND: In March of 2015, the Town of Erie annexed and zoned approximately 29 acres of the proposed Nine-Mile Corner mixed-use (residential/commercial) development site.  During those public meetings members of the Lafayette City Council appeared before the Town of Erie Board of Trustees and requested the inclusion of a setback buffer.  Since that time the Town of Erie has been clear that as part of our work to plan and design the development, sincere efforts would be made to incorporate a setback buffer as a consideration to Lafayette’s nearby residential neighborhood.  With the approval of the Nine Mile Corner Disposition and Development Agreement in March of this year, the master plan work has begun and that same commitment to the incorporation of a setback buffer remains.

Recently the City of Lafayette has pressed the Town of Erie to propose specific dimensional standards for a setback buffer between Nine Mile Corner and residents on Lucerne Drive.  Erie believes Lafayette understands that the process is just not far enough along yet to agree to any specific standard, but nonetheless wants to bring some certainty and clarity to this master plan and site design effort.  The Town believes that incorporation of a reasonable, objective setback buffer standard will help assuage concerns of nearby residents and advance the overall site design process. 

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