Town of Erie Police Department

Town of Erie Police Department Introductions

This summer we are introducing you to some of the men and women of the Town of Erie Police Department.  These introductions are informal and brief – so whether you are new to Erie or have lived here for years, we hope you’ll take just a moment to get to know us a little better.  And next time you see us out in the community – be sure to say “hi” to our officers.  We are only strangers once.
It is an honor to serve you and the entire Erie community.  Thank you!

Town of Erie Police Department Introductions
Corporal Taylor & Officer Gordanier

Introduce yourselves

Dave: Corporal David “Dave” Taylor
Cristi: Officer Cristi Gordanier

How long have you been a Police Officer?  How long with the Erie Police Department? 

Dave: I have served with the Erie Police Department for 22 years.  I started my police career with Erie as a Reserve Officer and plan to stay here until retirement.
Cristi: I have been an officer for the last 24 years, the last 7 months have been with Erie.

Why did you want to be in law enforcement? 

Dave: I started my career as an engineer and quickly realized that I wanted something that was more team oriented and goal driven while also having a large piece of service as a motivation.  That is when I decided to start in the Reserve Officer Program.  
Cristi: I always knew I would be in law enforcement.  I have a family full of officers, including both of my parents and at one point there were 9 of us wearing uniforms in the Denver area!  You could say it is in my blood.   I started my path in law enforcement by joining the military.  I served in the Navy for 4 years before becoming a police officer.

Tell us about an average day for you at work

Dave: My time is divided between supervising officers, administrative projects, reviewing reports, performing business checks and traffic enforcement and communicating with community members. There are so many different calls each day, making our days different but it also keeps things interesting. 
Cristi: I work the 3rd shift, A.K.A. “graveyards” – so it’s quiet.  I work traffic stops and do DUI enforcements.  I also keep an eye on businesses who have closed, to make sure they're locked up and safe.  For the most part, my goal is to keep an eye on the sleeping Town.

When you aren’t working, what do you do for fun? 

Dave: I cherish my time with my family and enjoy playing with my grandkids.  My wife and I both ride motorcycles and we enjoy trips to new destinations on them.  
Cristi: You can always find me with my family and friends.  I love to bowl and I’m currently a student studying Criminal Justice at Red Rocks Community College.  

What neighborhood are you assigned to? 

Dave: I am assigned to Historic Downtown and Erie Airpark.  While there are no formal HOA’s in either neighborhood, I still stay active and patrol the areas and assist residents with concerns.  While those are assigned to me, I also am available to assist and talk with all residents, regardless of neighborhood. 
Cristi: I am assigned to Orchard Glenn and Meadow Sweet Farm.  I am available to help patrol the areas, assist residents with concerns, and participate in designated community events and meetings.

What do you love about working in Erie? 

Dave: I feel fortunate that the citizens of Erie support our Police Department.  I enjoy working in concert with the community.  It is also great working for a municipality that employs great staff who are focused on excellent customer service.  
Cristi: In the 7 months I have been here, I love the sense of community that is here.  Residents have such great pride in Erie, and everyone I work with is proud to wear their uniform.  

1000 Telleen Avenue | P.O. Box 510
Erie, CO 80516 | 303-926-2800

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