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September 29, 2021 10:14 AM

Austin Avenue Water Main Line Connection

Work to connect water main lines along Austin Ave. will begin on Monday, Oct. 4. This addition of line will connect the existing pipe on the east side of County Line Road to another existing pipe on Erie Parkway.

The work will also extend a new line south on County Line Road then east on Austin Ave. and connect to the line on Mason Street just north of Austin Ave.

The contractor for this project is Wagner Construction. The contractor began mobilizing construction equipment on Monday, Sept. 27 and plan to being construction on Monday, Oct. 4.

In an effort to minimize traffic impacts along Austin Ave. and Erie Parkway, Town staff and Wagner Construction collaborated on a creative solution. Typically, an open trench method of construction across Erie Parkway and on Austin Ave. would have been used, tearing up the road up to a point east of the access to the Aspen Ridge Prep School. This has been changed to a horizontal directional drill (HDD) method of installing pipe which will limit the closures and impacts. The impact will be limited to lane closures on Erie Parkway, as opposed to full closures of the road.

During construction, there will be a temporarily closure of the center turn lane on Austin Ave. just west of County Line Road and east of the access to the school. This change will minimize impact for school traffic during drop-off and pick-up times.

The current anticipated timeline includes:
• Oct. 4 - Open trench construction will begin on the west side of County Line Road from Erie Parkway south to Austin Ave. this will require the shoulder to be closed, but no lane closure.

• Oct. 5 – Horizontal directional drill (HDD) construction will begin for both Austin Ave. and Erie Parkway. The center left turn lane will be closed on Austin Ave. west of County Line Road and east of the access to the charter school.

• Oct. 14 – Oct. 18 - Open trench construction will be done in Austin Ave. from the location east of the school access to the connection to the existing waterline in Mason Ave. This will require lane closures and closure of the intersection of Mason St. and Austin Ave. This time was chosen specifically as it is fall break for the charter school. The contractor will work through the weekend to complete the work.

• Oct. 21 - HDD construction will begin for crossing County Line Road. Due to the significant number of utilities, this method of construction for crossing County Line Road was in the original project design.

• Nov. 19 – Nov. 24 - The connection to the existing waterline in Erie Parkway will begin. This will require one of the west bound lanes of Erie Parkway to be closed and the northbound left turn lane will be closed. Left turns will still be accommodated.

Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are urged to pay close attention to flaggers and traffic control signs, reduce speeds and, if possible, avoid the construction area during work hours. Traffic control signage, delineators and flaggers will be on site to enable travel through the construction area in a timely and safe manner. Delays may occur and alternate routes are strongly recommended.

All dates are subject to change due to unforeseen site conditions and weather delays. Updates will be sent out as needed to update the schedule.

For more information on this project, please contact Town of Erie Civil Engineer, Wendi Palmer at 303-926-2875 or

Map of Austin Ave.
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Latest Update:

October 19, 2021 5:54 AM

Crews have been working on a water main line connection at Austin Avenue between County Line Road and Erie Parkway. Engineers determined that using the horizontal directional drill (HDD) method of running the water line would limit the amount of time the road would be impacted as well as allow for traffic to continue traveling along this route (as opposed to fulling closing it down) – which is in front of Aspen Ridge Prep School. 


Unfortunately, after completing the drilling and beginning to pull the pipe through, the soil is not cooperating. It is causing heaving of the pavement/asphalt in some areas and is making sections of the road unsafe to drive over. The contractor for this project, Wagner Construction, is doing what they can to stabilize the roadway and continue work with as little impact as possible. However, for safety, the center turning lane directly in front of Aspen Ridge Prep School has to be closed down. There are cones blocking the lane and will be other crew members flagging and directing traffic. 


To continue the flow of traffic, anyone attempting to drop off students or begin for at Aspen Ridge this morning should plan to enter the school lot from the east. 

Anyone coming down County Line Road from the north (heading south) should take Erie Parkway over to Powers Street, right on Mason Street and right on Austin Ave.

Anyone coming up County Line road from the south (heading north) should turn right onto Bonnell Ave and left onto Mason Street, then left onto Austin Ave.

Please be aware of your surroundings as you drive and watch for any crew members giving direction on the road. The situation will be addressed as quickly as is safely possible. Watch for more updates which will be posted as available. 

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