Volunteers in Police Service

The members of the Erie Police Department are dedicated to working with the community to prevent crime and disorder while improving the safety and quality of life for all. Our police department works in partnership to creatively and effectively identify and resolve community concerns. The volunteer program enhances customer service and community outreach and helps improve the quality of life in Erie by enhancing rapport, bringing innovation and advocacy, and providing opportunities for residents to participate and learn about the police department and local government.


  • Assist with administrative tasks.
  • Assist Patrol Officers during large Town events and sports games.
  • Ride along with the officers.
  • Assist in the Community Police Academy, National Night Out, and more.
  • Be actively involved with the Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Serve as a community member in the Restorative Justice Program.
  • The Volunteers in Police Services debuted their first podcast-like videos with the aim to have candid conversations with the Erie Police Department about the issues affecting the community. For more, follow their YouTube channel, ‘Behind the Blue’.



Complete the Volunteer In Police Services Application, below. If you would like a paper application please email, or call 303-926-2800.