2015 Airport Master Plan Study

Overview of the Master Plan

Approximately every 10 years, the FAA asks federally-funded airports like the Erie Municipal Airport to update its airport master plan. An airport master plan is a document drafted by an airport consultant with guidance from the various airport constituencies, per Town trustee prerogative. In addition, FAA and CDOT will assist with the process of, and funding for, this airport master plan.

Purpose of the Plan

The purpose of the Airport Master Plan is to narrate and illustrate the planned, phased development of the airport as it grows over the next 20 years. The Airport Master Plan will evaluate and develop concepts and recommendations that are workable.

The Airport Master Plan is intended to be in integral part of the Town's overall planning, and is intended to ensure that development of the airport occurs in a coordinated manner that would enhance the airport and make it a more valuable public asset.

View the Airport Master Plan Introductory Presentation to Board of Trustees (PDF).

View Working Paper No. 2 (PDF)

The Town of Erie has contracted with Airport Development Group to conduct the Erie Municipal Airport Master Plan. For more information, please contact Steve Marshal at 303-782-0082.