Renewable Energy

Why Renewable Energy?

Town of Erie’s Sustainability Plan set an ambitious goal of sourcing 20% of residential electricity use from renewable sources by 2025, above and beyond what is already included in the utilities’ fuel mix. Review the programs below to see how you can be a part of achieving this bright goal.

Consider Energy Efficiency FIRST!

One of the best ways to lower the upfront cost of renewable energy is to reduce the total energy you consume. This could allow you to invest in a smaller solar panel system or cover more of your total energy with the renewable energy you produce. Check out the energy-saving programs and rebates that Xcel Energy or United Power offer! Live in Boulder County? You qualify for free home energy advising! Do you live in an HOA? Check out this toolkit that will help you connect your HOA with these energy-savings opportunities today.

Select the Renewable Energy Program That’s Right for You

Renewable energy options are based on your electric utility and your interest in onsite or subscription-based renewable energy. Use this interactive map to confirm your electricity provider. Onsite options may be right for you if you are looking to invest in rooftop solar. Subscription options may be right for you if you are not interested in investing in rooftop solar at this time, but still want to power your home renewably.

Electric UtilityOnsite/SubscriptionProgramDescription
Xcel EnergyOnsiteNet-MeteringOffset your energy use by selling back the excess electricity generated from your solar system 
United PowerOnsiteNet-MeteringOffset your energy use by selling back the excess electricity generated from your solar system 
Xcel EnergyOnsiteSolar*Rewards®Receive an additional $0.005/kWh - .0375/kWh produced. Note: enrolling in Solar*Rewards gives your renewable energy credits back to the utility and the renewable electricity you produce will not count toward Erie’s sustainability plan goals. 
Xcel EnergyOnsiteBattery ConnectEarn $1,250 for enrolling your battery storage in an Xcel Energy resiliency program 
Xcel EnergySubscriptionWindsource® Power  your home with wind energy for an additional cost of $0.015/kWh 
United PowerSubscriptionGreen Power PartnersPower your business with renewable energy for an additional cost of $0.09/kWh    

Financial opportunities to lower the cost of rooftop solar

Some financial opportunities are dependent on the county you live in. Use this interactive map to confirm your utility provider and county.

Federal Tax Credit 
All residents – talk with your tax advisor for more details 
The solar investment tax credit (ITC) has been extended by Congress and provides 26% tax credit for systems installed in 2020-2022, and 22% for systems installed in 2023. This expires in 2024 unless Congress renews it. 
Boulder County Rebate 
Boulder County residents 
Boulder County residents can receive 25% of project cost up to $200 for projects that meet 50% of existing electricity consumption.
EnergySmart Low Interest Loans 
Boulder County residents 
In partnership with Clean Energy Federal Credit Union and Elevations Credit Union, EnergySmart is connecting residents with low interest loans (as low as 2.75%) to help finance energy projects, including rooftop solar.
RENU Low Interest Loans 
All ResidentsColorado RENU Loan offers low, fixed interest rates starting at 2.75% with no money down, covering up to 100% of project costs, and loan terms up to 20 years for solar. 
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