Water Quality

Image of Consumer Confidence Report Water Quality 2019 Opens in new windowEach year, the Town of Erie provides its water customers with the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The CCR is designed to provide our customers with information about the quality water and services the Town delivers on a daily basis. Our constant goal is to provide a high-quality supply of drinking water at all times.

The Town’s operators perform thousands of water tests each year to ensure quality drinking water. The Town also monitors drinking water according to federal and state drinking water standards. Erie continues to meet increasingly high water quality standards in a cost-effective manner for the community.

Learn more in the most recent Water Quality Report (CCR).

Testing Water Corrosion Levels

The Town of Erie is constantly monitoring and adjusting its water treatment process to optimize our drinking water system. One way Erie Public Work's Water Division does this is by analyzing the water’s effects on materials in the system (plumbing) under a variety of conditions. This study helps ensure our drinking water does not corrode the materials through which it is conveyed.
During the study, these plumbing system samples are weighed to determine any loss of material. These studies take many months and ultimately help the Town in choosing treatment adjustments that not only continue to ensure our water is safe, but also to ensure we are protecting the systems, including your home appliances and plumbing. 

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