Leon A. Wurl Service Center PV Solar Array

solar array installationIn 2010, the Town activated the photovoltaic (PV) solar array on the new Leon A. Wurl Service Center. The ballasted roof-mounted PV system provides a clean power source; provides long-term cost benefits for the Town and its citizens; and continues to position our community as a leader in sustainable energy initiatives.

The the 95.2 kW PV solar array produces approximately 127,421 kilowatt hours of electricity annually and meets between 20% and 30% of the service center's annual electricity needs.

Monitor Solar Array Performance

The original cost for the system was $480,684. However, the Town was awarded an Xcel Energy Solar Rebate in the amount of $190,400 for this project. Additionally, the Town will receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) in the amount of .10 cents per kilowatt hour produced. When electricity is generated which is not used directly by the Leon A. Wurl Service Center, the meter will 'spin backwards'. The Town will be paid for the energy production when it exceeds usage demands.

Environmental Benefits

  • Will save 260,958 lbs. of CO2 emissions annually
  • Equivalent reduction in vehicle miles = 285,440 miles annually
  • Equivalent number of trees planted = 10,037 trees

Durability, Longevity & Maintenance

  • The modules are under warranty for 25 years, but the system should be expected to last 30-40 years or more.
  • The system is held to the roof with concrete blocks specifically engineered to withstand the highest winds expected in this area. The modules are rated to withstand at least 3/4" hail at up to 60 mph. The system is fully grounded to ensure that it will not be damaged by a lightning strike.