Water Efficiency Rebates

Rain BarrelStep 1: Research qualified fixtures or appliances and the limitations below. 

Step 2: Purchase and install qualified fixtures or appliances.

Step 3: Complete the rebate application!


To qualify for a rebate, residents must meet the below requirements:

  1. Applicants must be a Town of Erie utility customer with a current, non-delinquent account.
  2. Rebate submission must be purchased between Jan. 1, 2023 and Dec. 31, 2023.
  3. Fixtures and appliances must be for use at a Town of Erie service address.

Qualified Fixtures and Appliances

  • Smart Irrigation Controllers: WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controller (1 per household). Only WaterSense-labelled controllers are eligible for a rebate. 
    • Rebate Amount: $100
  • High Efficiency Toilets: Limit 2 toilets. Must be WaterSense labeled, 1.1 gallons per flush (if dual-flush, both flushes must be 1.1gpf or less), and a MaP Score of 60HE Toilet0 or greater.
    • Rebate amount: $100 per toilet or $200 possible max rebate.
  • Toilet Recycling: 50% of the cost of toilet recycling for up to 2 toilets. Itemized receipt required for rebate.  
  • High-Efficiency Nozzles: Limit 24 high-efficiency nozzles from the qualified list found in the application. 
    • Rebate amount: $3/nozzle or $72 total (not to exceed purchase price).
  • Rain Barrels: Limit 2 rain barrels, 55 gallons (or less) each. 
  • Drip Lines: Limit 50% rebate on drip equipment (drip conversion kit, drip line, drip emitters, pressure reducer and y-screen, 1/4"distribution line, connection fittings, spigot timer, drip valve 15-40 psi). Consider using a certified landscape professional. 
    • Rebate amount: 50% rebate not to exceed $75 


Applications are only available online this year to be environmentally conscientious! 

  • Gather your utility billing account number
  • Scan receipts with purchase date, make and model
  • Include installation date and location (if applicable)
  • Submit the Rebate Application.

Sprinkler Consultations

Easy 1 Step Process: Sign up for a FREE Slow the Flow Sprinkler Consultation or call Resource Central at 303-999-3824 to schedule!

Turf Replacement Program

Claim up to $2,000 per household while funds last!


Please email rebates@erieco.gov or call 303-926-2871, for information.


Submission of an application does not guarantee a rebate. Rebates will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis until quantities are exhausted. Your rebates will be applied to your water bill as credit within one bill cycle. If you are a renter or pay your bill through your HOA, please contact rebates@erieco.gov after submission.