Irrigation Audit Kits

Do-It-Yourself Irrigation Audit Kit

Thanks to the popularity of the irrigation audits provided over the past several years, the Town of Erie has available Do-It-Yourself Irrigation Audit Kits for Erie residents. This kit contains:

  • catch cups to measure your sprinkler system's output and coverage
  • flags
  • a soil probe to measure root depth
  • a pressure gauge to measure water pressure
  • landscape irrigation information and complete instructions.

The Do it Yourself Irrigation Audit Kits are available through the Department of Public Works and can be checked out during normal business hours. Residents may check out a kit for up to one week. Please email Lyndsy Willette or call 303-926-2870 for more information or to reserve a kit. An Application (PDF) may be download for faster service.

Sensible landscape watering saves you water, money, and is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Determine how much water your landscaping needs.
  2. Determine how much water your system applies.
  3. Match the needs to the supply!