Priority Three

Priority Three (Snow removal completed Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm only)

  • Snow removal performed only if accumulation totals 6" or greater or if snow is expected to remain for several days
  • No Ice Slice / Ice Melt is applied within these areas

Priority Three Facilities:

  • Town of Erie-maintained trails not listed as Priority One or Priority Two locations, including all spine trails:
    • Spine trail commencing from Commander Circles, under Vista Parkway, through Vista Pointe, through Erie Commons, connecting to Schrichte Trail, completing at Reliance Park, with connection that crosses Coal Creek near Lehigh Park, connecting to trails at Grandview subdivision
    • Spine trail from Longs Peak Park east, crossing N.119th and proceeding to Country Fields Park
    • Spine trail segment running parallel to 111th Street north of Dickens Street
    • Drainage trail from Creekside subdivision (east of Jackson Drive behind RV storage lot, proceeding east through County Line Road to Briggs Street, proceeding east to Schrichte Trail)
  • Erie Lake parking lot
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery roads