Priority Two


Priority Two (Snow removal seven (7) days a week)

  • Apply ice melt as needed to all ramps, sidewalks, steps, and entrances.
  • Plow snow from parking lots if accumulation of 2" or more or if any accumulation of snow is expected to remain for more than 24 hours.
  • Snow removal completed within 24 hour period (weather conditions permitting).

Priority Two Facilities and Sidewalks, in the Following Order: 

  • Erie Community Center (ECC) sidewalks not on Priority One list.
  • Erie Community Park (ECP) parking lot segments not within Priority One; the southernmost ECC parking area, the parking spaces between Priority One and RTD parking spots, the drop off circle and parking areas near Garfield Shelter, all ECP sidewalks, and areas near the Garfield Shelter and the Concession Building area (Ball Park at Erie and Skate Park will not be cleared).
  • Trail from Erie Parkway Trailhead parking lot heading east then turning north behind houses, continuing east through underpass, heading up the hill stopping at Orion Avenue. 
  • Linear Park Connection Spine Trail 
The Remaining Priority Two Facilities and Sidewalks will be Done in the Order Best Determined by Staff and Equipment Availability:   
  • Arapahoe Ridge Park sidewalks and parking spaces
  • Arapahoe Road (east bound near Safeway) RTD bus stop, hand work entire area
  • Coal Creek Park sidewalks
  • Coal Miner’s Park sidewalks
  • Columbine Mine Park sidewalks
  • Country Fields Park: ball field entrance on Tynan Drive and park entrances on Summerfield Court, Tynan Drive and Stanley Drive
  • Crescent Park sidewalks
  • Lawley Drive sidewalk 
  • Linear open space sidewalks
  • Longs Peak Park sidewalks and parking lot
  • Perry Street sidewalk 
  • Reliance Park: interior sidewalks, sidewalk along Weld County Road 1.5, bridge sidewalks between Reliance Park and the Town's former Water Treatment Facility, and the dog park bullpen entry area. 
  • Telleen Avenue sidewalk-south side from corner of County Line Road to sidewalk at Police Station
  • Town-owned rental properties (237 Pierce Street). Any Town-owned property currently rented are maintained by property renter as part of their lease agreement with the Town of Erie. 
  • Concrete trail, north side Highway 7, between Lazy Dog and Blue Sky Condo's (both sides of Vista Parkway). 
  • All hard surface Parks parking lots including Thomas Reservoir