Priority One

Priority One (Snow removal seven (7) days a week)

Erie Community Center (ECC): Complete first round of snow removal prior to opening at 5:30 am (Monday - Friday), 7:00 am (Saturdays) or 8:00 am (Sundays) All other Priority One areas complete first round of snow removal by 7:30 am

  • Apply ice melt as needed to all ramps, sidewalks, steps, and entrances.
  • Plow snow from parking lots if accumulation of 2" or more or any accumulation of snow is expected to remain for more than 24 hours.
  • Re-check Priority One areas as needed through the day and evening.
  • Police Department parking lot plowed as close to bare ground as possible regardless of accumulation amount.

Priority One Facilities & Sidewalks, in the Following Order:

  • Police Department
  • Erie Community Center (ECC)
  • RTD parking spaces located at the northernmost portion of the ECC lot
  • Trail Sections:
    • Trail from Jay Road (by Conoco) to Kenosha Farm.
    • Trail from corner of Telleen Avenue to Drainage Trail crossing parallel to County Line Road
    • Star Meadows Park, perimeter sidewalks; including north/south segment between park and school properties
  • Town Hall, north and west parking lots
  • Leon A. Wurl Service Center-front parking lots (rear lot completed by Public Works)
  • Leon A. Wurl Service Center sidewalks