Residential Tree Rebate Programs

Formerly the ’Tree Certificate Lottery Program’, the new rebate program allows residents to receive a $150.00 utility bill credit with proof of a qualifying tree purchase!


Optimal tree planting coincides with the Tree Rebate Program. To qualify for the rebate trees must be purchased during one of two planting periods:

Spring: March 1 - June 30
Fall: September 1 - October 31


  • Trees must be from the Front Range Tree Recommendation List, excluding ash and dwarf varieties or trees with an expected mature height of less than 12 feet. Deciduous trees must be 1.5 inch caliper or greater.  Evergreens must be at least 6 feet tall
  • Resident will plant/or contract the planting of the tree in accordance with the Town of Erie Tree Planting Specifications 
  • Resident will not plant tree in the right of way area without a tree work permit obtained from the Parks Division.
  • Resident will call 811 Notification Center of Colorado to request a free locate of underground utilities prior to digging
  • Resident is responsible for planting and ongoing care of the tree
  • Only approved nurseries may be used for this program