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Fall Pilot Program - Tree Certificate

Program Details

The tree certificate program has been revised to make the program more accessible to residents, easier to use, and provide valuable energy-saving information.  There will no longer be a lottery system, we are moving to a rolling waiting list system.  In the event you do not receive a tree certificate for the Fall season you will be put on a waiting list to receive a tree certificate for the Spring season. Please see below for additional tree resources. The program is available to all Town of Erie residents, one tree certificate per household per season.

We have partnered with the Tree Farm to pilot this new program for Fall 2019. 100 trees certificates will be available while supplies last. If you are unable to reserve one of these tree certificates, additional resources will be provided and you may be placed on a waiting list to reserve a tree certificate for the following tree planting season.


If you need technical assistance with the portal please call: 1-855-234-3801
Certificates are available while supplies last. If you do not receive a tree certificate for this planting season, please email to be added to the waiting list for next planting season.

How It Works:

  • Erie residents are eligible for a $100 certificate towards the purchase of one tree
  • Once you have successfully registered for a tree certificate you will receive a confirmation page. This is your certificate to redeem your $100 off the purchase of a tree at the Tree Farm.  Please take it with you to the Tree Farm, as they will need this information to validate your eligibility
  • To coincide with the fall optimal planting period, the tree certificate must be redeemed between September 1 and October 31, 2019
  • Trees must be from the Front Range Tree Recommendation List, excluding ash and dwarf varieties or trees with an expected mature height of less than 12 feet. Deciduous trees must be 1.5 inch caliper or greater.  Evergreens must be at least 6 feet tall
  • Resident will plant/or contract the planting of the tree in accordance with the Town of Erie Tree Planting Specifications
  • Resident will not plant tree in the right of way area without a tree work permit obtained from the Parks Division.
  • Resident will call 811 Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) to request a free locate of underground utilities prior to digging
  • Resident is responsible for planting and ongoing care of the tree
  • Only approved nurseries (Tree Farm for the Pilot Program Fall 2019) may be used for this program
  • 2019 fall tree certificates expire October 31, 2019, no certificates can be used after this date; no exceptions
We'd like to know what you think: Please share your experience with the new residential tree certificate program via email to:

Additional Tree Resources:

  • Tree Planting Specifications - plant your tree according to Town of Erie Tree Planting Specifications
  • Tree Planting Guide - tree planting best practices
  • Tree Maintenance - tips on how to care for a tree once it has been planted
  • Winter Tree Care - tips on how to care for your tree in the winter 
  • Tree Work Permit Details - required for planting trees in the Right of Way
  • Tree Work Permit Application  -  required for planting trees in the Right of Way
  • FREE Tree Planting Demonstration - Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at Lehigh Park
  • Trees Across Erie - Program will pilot in Spring of 2020; while supplies last, Erie residents will have an opportunity to purchase a new tree for $40.00
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