Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services for the Town of Erie and surrounding area are provided by contract with Mountain View Fire Rescue.


Mountain View Fire Rescue provides an array of emergency and non-emergency services, including:

  • Advanced life support transport services and basic life support emergency medical service
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire
  • Other specialized services
  • Public education
  • Rescue

On September 28, 2004, the Erie Board of Trustees approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Mountain View Fire Protection District the that provides consistent and equitable emergency services to all Erie residents, .

All Erie citizens, regardless of county residence, receive emergency medical services based on specific response time criteria.

Response Criteria

The response criteria for the Town of Erie is with the following understanding:

  • The response time includes a 60 second turnout time (from the time of receipt of the phone call to the time the apparatus is responding) and the actual time it takes the apparatus to respond from its location to the scene.
  • The fractile aspect is with the understanding that 80% of the time Fire/EMS personnel will arrive on the scene within the given time.
  • The fractile aspect takes into account weather and other inherent unknowns of emergency response.