Mission Statement & Guidelines

Mission Statement

The Town of Erie government access television channel, Comcast Cable Channel 8, is considered by the Town to be a valuable tool for providing the residents of Erie with information about governmental issues. As such, the Town's goal shall be to focus programming on matters pertaining to public health and safety, civics, local history, and topics deemed by the Town to be of benefit or interest to our residents.


General guidelines for Erie government television (Comcast Cable channel 8) are as follows:

  • All material submitted is subject to editorial discretion by the Communication and Information Services staff for technical quality and appropriateness of message in keeping with the stated objectives.
  • Authority for program lineup rests with Communication and Information Services staff.
  • All cablecast requests will receive a written response, and programming requests deemed more appropriate for the public / community or education access channels will be directed to Comcast Communications.
  • Channel 8 shall not be utilized as a format for promotion of political candidates, agendas, or specific ballot issues.
  • Programming on Channel 8 is limited to Town of Erie originated or endorsed programs.
  • The development and inception of video programs by departments is strongly encouraged to be done in conjunction with the Communication and Information Services staff.