The Town of Erie offers online access to many records. By using the search tools below you can access:

  • Advisory Board/Commission Agendas and Documents
  • Town Council Agendas, Minutes, Resolutions, Ordinances, Documents, and Policies
  • Land Development Documents
  • Records of Town Ordinances
  • Police Records
  • Municipal Court Criminal Justice Records
  • Town Contracts & Agreements
  • Urban Renewal Authority Documents

1. Records Search

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2. Additional Resources

Town of Erie Municipal Code
State of Colorado Records Retention Schedule

3. Request Information

If you would like to request information, please complete a Records Request to each related department by choosing an option below. 

Please allow up to three days to process requests, and in extenuating circumstances up to seven working days may be necessary to respond to a request. There will be a fee associated with copies of documents, maps, and staff research time spent processing the request.