Liquor Licenses

A liquor license is required to sell or distribute alcoholic beverages for commercial purposes. All liquor licenses are considered by the Town of Erie Local Liquor Licensing Authority. The Municipal Judge serves as the Licensing Authority. The Town Clerk serves as Secretary to the Local Liquor Licensing Authority.


First, applicants are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Town Clerk to review the application, process, and fee schedule. State and local fees are due to the Town Clerk’s Office upon submitting the final application.

  1. Fees
  2. Liquor at Events
  3. Bulletins from the State
  4. Deadlines

Fees Waived in 2021

In tandem with Senate Bill 20B-001, Town Administrator Malcolm Fleming signed an emergency order on December 18, 2020, waiving local liquor license fees for applications from December 7, 2020 - December 7, 2021. The emergency order will provide relief to restaurants and other liquor licensed establishments impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Waived - Application Fee

The Application fee for a new liquor license is $1,000 has been waived through December 7, 2021. See the fee schedule for renewal, transfer of ownership, or other fees.

Waived - Retail License Fee

The Retail License Fee has been waived through December 7, 2021. See the 'Local Fee City' and liquor license type on the fee schedule.

Waived - State License Fee

The State License Fee has been waived through December 7, 2021. See the fee by liquor license type on the fee schedule.

State and local fees that are waived:
Limited Winery License (44-3-403, C.R.S.); Beer and Wine License (44-3-411, C.R.S.); Hotel and Restaurant License (44-3-413, C.R.S.) and related optional premises; Resort Complex to include related facilities; Campus Liquor Complex to include related facilities; Tavern License (44-3-414, C.R.S.); Optional Premise License (44-3-415, C.R.S.); Retail Gaming Tavern License (44-3-416, C.R.S.); Brew Pub License (44-3-417, C.R.S.); Club License (44-3-418, C.R.S.); Arts License (44-3-419, C.R.S.); Racetrack License (44-3-420, C.R.S.); Vintner’s Restaurant License (44-3-422, C.R.S.); Distillery Pub License (44-3-426, C.R.S.); Lodging and Entertainment License (44-3-428, C.R.S.); Fermented Malt Beverage (FMB) On-Premises License (44-4-107(1)(b), C.R.S.); FMB On-and-Off Premises License (44-4-107(1)(c), C.R.S.). 


Obtaining a liquor license in the Town of Erie is a privilege and is issued by 'dual' licensing authorities. The licensing process generally takes months or longer to complete. The instructions for each step are included in the application packet (provided by the Town Clerk via an appointment). Plan accordingly and communicate with the Town Clerk far in advance of your anticipated opening date to avoid delays.

In addition to the application and the fees, applicants must post a public notice, petition, and attend a public hearing. Final applications, approved by the local authority, are then forwarded to the State Liquor Enforcement Division.

  1. Public Notice
  2. Public Hearings
  3. Petitioning

Posting Public Notice

A notice must be posted at the physical location of the premises seeking a license 10 days before the public hearing on the liquor license.