Emergency Alerts

The Erie Police Department recommends all Erie residents opt-in to all three public safety answering points emergency notification systems. 

  1. Opt In PostcardALL residents in Erie should register for emergency alerts through the Boulder County system to receive notifications within the Town of Erie boundaries (no matter which side of Erie you reside; Weld or Boulder counties): Boulder County Everbridge

    Boulder County is the Town of Erie's primary public safety answering point and provides dispatch services.
    *We recommend you subscribe to all three county's alerts.*

  2. Residents who reside on the Weld County side of the Town are also encouraged to enroll in notifications through Weld County: Weld County CodeRED.

  3. And residents adjacent to or near Broomfield County are also encouraged to enroll in their LookoutAlert notifications.

Town of Erie Emergency Alerts

Additional Alerts

It's always important to have multiple ways of receiving a warning. Also tune in to:

  • Social Media (trusted sources): Twitter, Ring, Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram
  • TV
  • Family
  • Landline phone
  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • Outdoor Warning Sirens

Create a Safety Profile

What if you could provide life-saving information to responders before an emergency? Now you can! The Erie Police Department is partnering with Smart911, a free service that allows residents to create a safety profile to aid first responders. The voluntary tool stores private information such as medical conditions, special needs, photos, pet data, and more in a private, secure database only accessible to law enforcement if the user dials 911. Dispatchers relay preloaded information to the responding officer to serve you better! 

Without Smart911, dispatchers are only aware of the phone number used and minimal location data. For a more detailed, rapid response, create a safety profile and provide rescue notes to first responders:

  • Match addresses and people to your cell phone. Include their names and pictures.
  • Gate access codes, hidden driveways, floor plans, and other logistical information.
  • Pets in the home and service animal information.
  • Critical health information, allergies, medications, disabilities.

Ready to get started? Create a safety profile by visiting the Smart911 website.