Natural Areas Inventory

Project Background

During the fall of 2007, a team of scientists explored selected natural areas on undeveloped lands throughout Erie's Planning Area to create a Natural Areas Inventory. The inventory was assembled into a reference document that describes and rates natural areas, their value to humans and wildlife, and how to protect them. The inventory was presented to the Erie Board of Trustees in November of 2007.


The purpose of the project is to inventory the natural features and unique characteristics of undeveloped lands, to the extent feasible, for their value as a natural area.

The Natural Areas Inventory will contain recommendations – to be referenced by Town staff, elected officials and landowners - for actions that serve to preserve natural areas and their resource value. Recommendations for restoration of disturbed areas will also be available.

The inventory will help staff implement components of the Erie Comprehensive Master Plan by evaluating development options on lands that have sensitive ecosystems or habitat needs. Staff will have alternatives and preservation recommendations to share with public and private developers to encourage land use that enhances Erie's natural setting.

Natural Areas Inventory Part 1 - The Report

Natural Areas Inventory Part 2 - Survey Data Forms