landfills map Opens in new windowLocated within incorporated Erie, both the Denver Regional Landfill and the Front Range Landfill are permitted by the State of Colorado to operate as municipal solid waste landfills; both are owned by Waste Connections Incorporated.

  • The entrance to the Front Range Landfill is located southeast of Weld County Roads 5 and 6. 
  • The Denver Regional South Landfill is accessed off of County Road 6. Denver Regional Landfill will cease accepting waste by December, 2020 and will begin the closure process per the DRL Closure Plan.
  • The Denver Regional Landfill North, is located northwest of County Roads 5 and 6 and is closed. 

Monthly Landfill Operations

The Public Works Department provides a monthly report to the Board of Trustees. The report includes timely information about landfill operations.
View the August 2020 Monthly Report

Erie Landfills

  Physical Address Website Phone
Closing Dec 2020 - Denver Regional South 1441 Weld County Road 6 Waste Connections 303-673-9431
Front Range 1830 Weld County Road 5 Waste Connections 303-828-9400
CLOSED - Denver Regional North northwest of CRs 5 and 6    

Landfill Documents