Report a Fraud

The Erie Police Department has recently experienced an increase in reported scam and fraud incidents. Below are some of the types of scams being utilized by scammers in the Town of Erie and throughout the metro area:

  • Telephone Scams
  • Real Estate Scams
  • Computer Scams
  • IRS Fraud

View current FBI Fraud Alert (PDF).

Are You a Victim?

If you feel you have been a victim of fraud or identity theft, please download and complete the appropriate packet below. Next, contact Dispatch at 303-441-4444 and ask to speak to an officer.

  • Embezzlement Packet (PDF): Use when an employee is accused of stealing funds from their employer. There are two separate packets. One contains the instructions on how to compete the packet, as well as samples of all the forms. The second contains the blank forms which the victim needs to complete.
  • Forgery Packet (PDF): Use when the case involves a forgery. The most common forgery would involve checks, but this could include other documents as well.
  • Identity Theft Packet (PDF): Use when the crime involves the stealing of someone's identity, such as when a victim finds out someone has stolen his or her social security number and is using it for employment. Other examples include: when an account is opened using the victim's personal identifying information, when a suspect uses a victim's credit card or when an account is opened using the victim's personal identifying information.

Reminders from the Erie Police Department

Remember, never provide your personal identifying information, social security number, credit card information, or banking information to anyone who contacts you unsolicited. If you question the validity of a person calling you, collect their name and contact the company or agency directly to verify if the caller is legitimate. Only use company or agency phone numbers you locate independently by going online or using a phone book. Never use a phone number provided by an unknown caller or a number that shows up on caller ID. Scammers can use a process called "Spoofing" to make your caller ID display a legitimate company name. Scammers can also use "Spoofing" to make email messages appear to come from legitimate agencies or companies.