Animal Control

The Erie Police Department can respond to reports involving animal abuse or neglect, barking dog complaints, dog bites, stray or unrestrained dogs or cats, or trapped dogs or cats. Officers are dispatched to animal concerns by calling 303-441-4444.

  1. Dogs
  2. Wildlife
  3. Nuisance Animals
  4. Injured, sick or dead 
  5. Coyotes
  6. Mountain Lions
  7. Animal Shelters

Dog Licenses

Dogs owned by residents in the Town of Erie must be licensed. Every owner of a dog over six months of age shall have the animal licensed within 30 days after it is brought into the Town. These licenses expire when the licensed dog's rabies vaccination expires. 

Dog licensing is a FREE ticket home, meaning that if your dog is licensed, animal control can find their contact information (owner's name and address) and help get your four-legged family member home safely. 

Request a dog license.

Leash Laws

Anyone having charge, care, custody, or control of any dog of any age shall keep such dog upon his own premises unless they are under the control of a competent person and on a leash or chain not over 15 feet long. Animals allowed to roam are a nuisance and are in danger of injury from cars and other animals. Stray animals are impounded at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, and owners must contact them to claim their animals and pay impound fees.

For more, view the Town Ordinances.