Code Enforcement

Code enforcement provides an important service for our community. Municipal Codes protect public health and safety, preserve the environment, build good neighborhood relations, increase property values, improve the quality of life, and build a sense of community pride.

To report a code violation, please call dispatch at 303-441-4444.

Erie Police Department’s Code Enforcement Officer and all sworn officers are responsible for responding to code enforcement complaints including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Animal Cruelty
  2. Accumulation of Waste
  3. Barking Dogs
  4. Junk Vehicles
  5. Littering
  6. Lost Dogs
  7. Weeds

A person commits cruelty to animals if he or she overworks, tortures, beats, kills, or fails to provide proper food, water, and shelter to an animal. Anyone containing any animal in a vehicle in a cruel manner is in violation of this section. Animals being neglected, mistreated, or subject to cruelty will be impounded.

Building Inspection & Zoning Codes

The Town of Erie Building Inspector is responsible for responding to all building and zoning concerns. For more, please call 303-926-2780.