Code Enforcement

Code enforcement provides an important service for our community. Municipal Codes protect public health and safety, preserve the environment, build good neighborhood relations, increase property values, improve the quality of life, and build a sense of community pride.

To report a code violation, please call dispatch at 303-441-4444.
To contact a Homeowners Association, please see the HOA contacts webpage.

Building Inspector & Zoning Code Enforcement

The Town of Erie Building Inspector is responsible for responding to all building and zoning concerns. For more, please call 303-926-2780.

Police Code Enforcement

Erie Police Department’s Code Enforcement Officer and all sworn officers are responsible for responding to code enforcement complaints including, but not limited to the following:

  • Accumulation of waste
  • Animal cruelty
  • Barking dogs
  • Junk vehicles
  • Littering
  • Weeds

Accumulation of Waste

Unlawful accumulations are storage, keeping, depositing, or abandoning of refuse, garbage, trash, rubbish, or weeds on private or public property. It is the duty of every person whether owner, lessee or renter to at all times maintain the premises in a clean and orderly condition.

Animal Cruelty

A person commits cruelty to animals if he or she overworks, tortures, beats, kills, or fails to provide proper food, water, and shelter to an animal. Anyone containing any animal in a vehicle in a cruel manner is in violation of this section. Animals being neglected, mistreated, or subject to cruelty will be impounded.

Barking Dogs

Dogs are not allowed to habitually bark, howl, or yelp so as to disturb the peace of the neighborhood. If citizens are not able to resolve the problem with the dog owner, they can contact the Erie Police Department 303-926-2800 or dispatch at 303-441-4444.

Junk Vehicles

A junk vehicle is any vehicle that is inoperable, has flat tires, or expired plates. Junk vehicles are not allowed to be left on any street or public property. On private property, junk vehicles are allowed as long as they are stored at a lawfully zoned vehicle repair business or are stored in a completely enclosed structure.

Outside storage of 1 junk vehicle per property is allowed if the vehicle is entirely covered with a securely fastened tarp. The stored vehicle must be owned by the occupant of the premises or the occupant's immediate family.


It is unlawful for anyone who keeps, possesses, or controls any domestic animal to permit the animal to leave any fecal matter on any public or private property of another. The accumulation of animal feces so as to be a health hazard or so that the odor is noticeable on adjoining properties is unlawful.

Lost Dogs

Contact the Erie Police Department at 303-926-2800 or the Humane Society of Boulder Valley at 303-442-4030. You can also go to the lost animal report, complete the form, and send it by email. You may also visit the Humane Society of Boulder Valley Lost Dog website. There, you can view photos and descriptions of dogs currently being held.


Weeds are unsightly, troublesome, or injurious growing herbaceous plants and include all rank or obnoxious odor-producing plants. It is the responsibility of every person owning any lot or parcel of land to cut and maintain all weeds, brush, and lawn grasses. Weeds cannot grow to a height in excess of 12 inches and grass cannot grow to a height in excess of 6 inches. The vegetation shall be maintained to the middle of the adjacent alley and to the edge of any adjacent sidewalks.