Neighborhood Team Officer Program

In an effort to provide better and ongoing service to our community, the Erie Police Department has started a new Neighborhood Team Program, replacing the Neighborhood Officer Program.  This program will provide for a more consistent coverage of all the neighborhoods and will allow the Erie Police Department to continue to partner with residents and businesses to address crime and other issues. 

Neighborhood Team Officers are available to:

  • Answer questions
  • Work with other Town of Erie agencies to address crimes and other issues that are negatively impacting the neighborhood
  • Assist by providing crime prevention related public education
  • When available, attend HOA meetings and other neighborhood events
  • Track crimes and other problems in their assigned area

If you have a crime to report call Boulder County Dispatch at 303-441-4444 or in the event of an emergency dial 9-1-1.  Do not attempt to contact your Neighborhood Police Officer to address in-progress crimes. Due to training or other scheduling conflicts it could take several days for a Neighborhood Team Officer to respond to your e-mail.

View a map of Erie to see how the teams are divided up here

Airpark Southeast Area Officers
Arapahoe Ridge Southwest Area Officers
Baxter Farm Northwest Area Officers
Candlelight Ridge & Estates Northwest Area Officers
Canyon Creek Southwest Area Officers
Colliers Hill Northeast Area Officers
Compass Southwest Area Officers
Country Fields Northwest Area Officers
Country Meadows Northwest Area Officers
Creekside Northwest Area Officers
Erie Commons (North) Northeast Area Officers
Erie Commons (South)  Southeast Area Officers
Erie Highlands Southeast Area Officers
Erie Village & Cottages of Erie Village Northwest Area Officers
Flatiron Meadows Southwest Area Officers
Grandview Southeast Area Officers
Kenosha Farms & Estates Northwest Area Officers
Meadow Sweet Farms Northwest Area Officers
Northlight Southwest Area Officers
Northridge Northeast Area Officers
Old Town Northeast Area Officers
Orchard Glen Southwest Area Officers
Sunwest & Sunwest North Northwest Area Officers
Vista Point Southeast Area Officers
Vista Ridge
Southeast Area Officers
Current Officer Assignments: Area Assigned:
Sergeant Haddox, Officer Shupe,
Officer Castle and Officer Price
 Northwest Area Officers
Corporal Taylor, Officer Bastres, Officer Ohnstad,
Officer Crow and Officer Cummings
 Northeast Area Officers
Sergeant Vesco, Corporal Beggan, Officer Newman,
Officer Cramblet and Officer Gonzalez
 Southwest Area Officers
Sergeant Gordanier, Corporal Turner, Officer Rogan,
Officer Muzzipapa and Officer Carreon
 Southeast Area Officers