Longs Peak Park Irrigation System Rehabilitation

Beginning on Monday, November 13 and lasting until spring 2024, Longs Peak Park (311 Wheat Berry Drive) will undergo an irrigation system rehabilitation project. The intent of this project is to improve the irrigation efficiency. Due to the age and current design of the irrigation system, it was identified by Parks staff as a priority for replacement. The new irrigation system will provide water savings and improve irrigation coverage for the park. The park will remain open for the duration of this project.

Construction will consist of: 

  • Trenching
  • Excavating
  • Removal of old irrigation components
  • Potential temporary sidewalk closing
  • Removal of spoils to an appropriate dumping facility
  • Sod removal and replacement

Protection of existing plant material will be a priority.

Residents will see activity off and on depending on the weather and the maintenance task.  A portion of the parking lot will be used for equipment and supply storage during the project. 

For questions or concerns regarding this project, please email John Frankenfeld, Turf and Irrigation Supervisor.