Mobile Vending Permit

A Mobile Vending Permit is required for any person wanting to operate as a mobile vendor in the Town of Erie. All applicants must comply with the Town’s Municipal Code and should read through Title 4, Chapter 15 of the Erie Municipal Code to understand all regulations associated with this permit.

A mobile vendor is any person who sells or attempts to sell, or offers to the general public, any services or goods, including without limitation food and beverage from a mobile vendor vehicle, but excluding mobile vendors that are scheduled by a property owner or occupant to deliver goods and services directly to the owner or occupant.

Approved Mobile Vendor Permits and applicable Town Business Licenses must be conspicuously displayed at all times while operating within the Town of Erie. Permits are valid for one year and only for the locations reported to the Town.

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Application Check List: 

  • Pay annual fee of $50 (included in application form)
  • Scaled drawing of the mobile vendor vehicle and surrounding area.
  • Location(s) of where operations will take place.
  • Operating on private property:
    1. Proof of ownership or written permission from the property owner
  • Operating on Town owned public property:
    1. A certificate of insurance naming the Town as an additional insured in no less than $1 million per incident if operating on public property.
    2. Approval given by the Town after application is reviewed.
  • Written plan for waste disposal.
  • The following permits and licenses:
    1. State sales tax license
    2. Approval from the applicable health department if selling food or beverages.
    3. Current Town of Erie Business License if the business has a physical address in Erie
    4. Building Permit (if applicable)
  • If applicable, written permission from a brick-and-mortar restaurant if operating within 250 feet during business hours.

If you need to add an additional location within the issued permit year, please use the following form.