Early Sprinkler Turn Off Pledge

When the weather cools, lawns go dormant and need less water. By shutting down irrigation to healthy lawns early in the fall, we can see a big decline in community water use. It is important that all customers continue to water their trees, newly established landscapes, and shrub and veggie beds as necessary. 

Commercial customers, parks, school grounds and streetscapes are not included in this campaign and will not be eligible for a bill credit. Parks and school grounds are a community resource and are watered for as long as possible to give residents and students a safe place to recreate. Streetscapes (e.g., medians) are also watered until temperatures reach freezing to ensure they come back healthy the following year.  

Take the Pledge for your chance to win a $50 bill credit.

*100 randomly selected customers will win a $50 bill credit! *Only residential Erie Utilities water customers who regularly irrigate their turf grass and shut off their irrigation by Oct. 7 will be considered for the bill credit prize drawing. Customers who don’t water their lawns are not eligible.