Coal Creek Expansion Project

Important Community Update: Upcoming Construction in Erie Village & Old Town Erie

We are excited to announce an essential infrastructure project, spearheaded by The Town of Erie in partnership with the Mile High Flood District, to further enhance our community's safety and aesthetic appeal. 

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Project Overview

The objective of this project extends beyond immediate infrastructural improvements; it's a strategic initiative to ensure that no negative floodplain impacts affect adjacent residences. By redefining the floodplain's boundaries, we will effectively diminish potential flooding concerns, bringing a newfound peace of mind to our community members.

Landscaping will inevitably be affected during this construction phase; however, this is a temporary setback paving the way for substantial restoration. The Town has carefully designed an extensive landscaping plan to restore (including tree replacements) and indeed enrich the local ecosystem once the creek realignment is complete. This will result in a more beautiful and ecologically robust environment behind the scenes of Washburn Ave and St.

Moreover, the project proudly includes the introduction of pedestrian bridges that will enhance trail connectivity. These bridges are not merely functional but a stride towards uniting the community, providing effortless access to the Coal Creek trail and enriching our network of paths in the area.

11/27/2023 - Beginning Nov. 27, significant improvements to the conveyance of Coal Creek will kick off as part of the ongoing Coal Creek Channel Restoration project. This project is divided into two reaches, with Reach 3 near Erie Village currently under construction. The next phase, Reach 1, which stretches from Cheesman Street to north of Briggs Street, is scheduled to commence the week after Thanksgiving. To ensure public safety, the Coal Creek Trail north of Cheesman Street will be closed until the completion of the project, with an anticipated reopening in Summer 2024.

This phase of the project includes a series of substantial improvements: widening the creek, replacing a section of pipe through the levee, enhancing the levee itself, widening the opening under the bridge, relocating a waterline, and replacing the bridge's wingwalls. Additionally, as part of these improvements, Briggs Street will be closed for approximately a month in early 2024 to facilitate safe bridge work.

It's important to note that this work represents just the first phase in a series of improvements to Coal Creek. The design for other sections of Coal Creek improvements, stretching between Cheesman Street and north of Kenosha Road, will commence in early 2024. The completion of all these sections will enable us to submit a letter of map revision to FEMA, aiming to remove properties in Old Town and along County Line Road from the floodplain. We appreciate the community's understanding and cooperation during these essential infrastructure enhancements and remain committed to keeping you informed and safe throughout this process.

10/27/2023 - Soil work and removal has begun near the Erie Village subdivision and Old Town Erie. The soil work will lead into tree removal over the next few weeks.

Keep an eye on this page, as detailed information will be shared with residents who are directly in the path of the construction. We value your understanding and patience during this transformative phase for our community. Rest assured the outcome of this project will bring lasting benefits to our neighborhoods.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Together, we are creating a safer and more beautiful community for all. Stay tuned for more!

Erie Village Impact

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