Testing Process

Qualified P.O.S.T. certified applicants who are invited to testing, will be required to pass the following:
Note: (lateral hires and cadet program testing process varies).

  1. Written Exam (National Police Officer Selection Test) 
  2. Physical Agility Testing 
    1. Run an obstacle course that begins by sitting in the driver's seat of a car, exiting the car, and running 175 feet to an 8-foot ladder and ascend/descend five steps or rungs, then run 50 feet to and crawl for 12 feet and return, running 50 feet to the sitting position in the driver's seat of the car within 101 seconds. 
    2. Within two minutes of completing the obstacle course, the participant will pull a weighted object (150 pounds) 25 feet from a standing position.
    3. Immediately after the weight pull, the participant will run a distance of ¼ mile within 162 seconds.  
  3. Oral Board Interview 
  4. Personal History Statement (PHS) and Release of Information Agreement 
  5. Polygraph
  6. Background Investigation
  7. Interview with the Chief of Police
  8. Conditional Job Offer
  9. Physical and Psychological Exam
  10. Entrance into the 18-week Academy (if applying as a cadet)
  11. Erie Police 4-week mini academy
  12. 13 weeks Field Training Program