Home Purchasing Resources

Purchasing a home in Colorado can be daunting. Home prices have risen steadily over the last decade and many first-time home buyers and other interested purchasers may struggle to find the best source of funding. Below are some regional resources for purchasing a home in Erie.

Housing Counseling

Housing Counseling agencies provide group homebuyer education classes and personal finance workshops and individual appointments. In an individual appointment, you and the counselor will create a plan for your unique path to homeownership. This may include determining an affordable mortgage amount, reviewing a spending plan, evaluating credit so you can qualify for the best loan terms, reducing debts, and establishing connections with affordable housing resources. All appointments are free and confidential.

  • Boulder County Personal Finance Program | Individual appointments
    720-564-2279 or www.BoulderCountyPFP.org
  • Workforce Boulder County | Group education workshops
    720-776-0822 or www.wfbc.org

Affordable Home Purchase Programs

Affordable Home Purchase Programs offer homes priced appropriate for people with low to moderate incomes. Eligibility requirements and terms vary by program.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Down payment assistance programs provide cash assistance to help pay for down payment and/or closing costs in the form of grants or loans. Eligibility and terms vary by program. Please contact the program directly.

  • Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE) | Matched savings account available for homes purchased in one of several Denver metro counties. 6-30 months savings period.
    303-441-3998 or www.bouldercountypie.org
  • Boulder County Down Payment Assistance Program | Loan available for homes purchased in Boulder County outside of City of Boulder limits. Loan up to 10%of purchase price up to a maximum of $40,000. 0-3%, repayment either deferred or 10-year term.
    303-774-4648 or online.
  • Impact Development Fund | Available in Larimer, Weld, Boulder, Fremont, Eagle, Montrose, Mesa, San Miguel, Routt and Ouray Counties. $25,000 maximum loan. 0-1%, 30 yr term.
    970-494-2021 or https://impactdf.org/
  • Colorado Housing Enterprises, Inc | Available statewide. Loans and forgivable loans of $3,000-$10,000, 10 yr term. 
    303-428-1448 or www.crhdc.org
  • Colorado Housing Assistance CorporationAvailable statewide. Loan of 6% of price, up to $10,000, 5%. *Lender sends packet after contract. Disability Program: Loan of $10,000, 1.5%-5%, payments deferred 30 yrs.
    303-572-9445 or https://chaconline.org/
  • NEWSED | Available in several Denver metro counties. Deferred payment loan.
    303-534-8342 ext. 133 or https://newsed.org/lending/downpayment/
  • PATH Grant Program | Grant available to buyers identifying as Black or African American in select counties. Maximum of lesser of 20% of purchase price or $20,000. Must be paired with a First Bank mortgage.
    833-962-1506 or online.
  • The Deerfield Fund for Black Wealth | Loan for borrowers identifying as Black or African American buying in several Denver Metro counties. Must work with a participating lender. 
    720-764-9231 or https://www.dearfieldfund.com/
  • CHFA (Colorado Housing Finance Authority) | Available statewide when paired with a CHFA mortgage. Must work with participating lender. Grant of 3% of first mortgage. No repayment OR 2nd mortgage loan for 4% of mortgage amount, no interest, deferred repayment.
    303-297-2432 or www.chfainfo.com
  • metroDPA | Forgivable loan of 5% of purchase price available in many counties and cities. Must work with a participating lender. 
    720-673-3948 or http://metrodpa.org/
  • National Homebuyers Fund | Forgivable loan of up to 5% of mortgage amount available statewide in conjunction with primary mortgage. Must work with a participating lender.