Colorado Green Business Network of Erie

Erie’s Economic Development Department and Sustainability Division are excited to partner with the Colorado Green Business Network (CGBN) to promote and recognize sustainable businesses in the Town of Erie. The program’s goal is to encourage Erie businesses to look at ways to save energy, reduce waste, increase water efficiency, and lower transportation impacts.

Colorado Green Business Network of Erie (CBGNE) provides free, off-site coaching and technical assistance, and recognizes businesses who have started to reduce their resource use and implement sustainability into operations. State-level recognition offers several benefits including networking opportunities, awards, and water and energy efficiency resources, and expertise that can provide businesses with immediate financial savings.

Program Details

  1. Phase 1
  2. Phase 2
  3. Phase 3
  4. Phase 4
  5. Phase 5
  6. Phase 6

Phase 1: Registration - Create an account and register your business with GreenBiz Tracker. Once registered, click on “Take the Green Business Assessment” link. Feel free to complete as much of the application as possible, but certain areas of the assessment might require assistance. Please reach out to with any questions related to the assessment. 

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Program Benefits

  • Business featured on Town of Erie and Chamber of Commerce websites.
  • Annual Business License fee waived.
  • Additional points for URA Revitalization Grant application.
  • Gold, Silver, or Bronze recognition at the State level.
  • Regional recognition by other Green Businesses.
  • Networking opportunities with the State and Town of Erie.

Program Partners

Town of Erie Support

Erie’s participation in the Colorado Green Business Network is a collaborative effort between the Town of Erie’s Economic Development Department and Sustainability Division and so upon request, Erie’s Sustainability Division will deliver technical assistance to local businesses and resource connections based on the businesses’ interest and opportunities identified for improvement.  If you are interested in additional technical support and local opportunities to support conservation and efficiency measures, please contact us at View a comprehensive list of Town of Erie’s Sustainability Programs.


Please email if you have any questions or are looking for additional information.