Public Art Program

The Public Art Program was initiated in March 2022 after the Board and staff analyzed results from the 2021 Community Survey which indicated dissatisfaction from the resident with Erie having little to no public art compared to our surrounding municipalities. 

Wings to Dreams, by Dixie Friend Gay - CHOSEN ARTIST

Whimsical Pillars created by Dixie Friend Gay

Chosen Art Piece

On Jan. 12, 2023 the Public Art Group conducted interviews with the finalists and after a group discussion, Wings to Dreams by Dixie Friend Gay was selected as Erie's first public art piece by the volunteer group. The art piece consists of three stainless steel, iridescent pillars ranging in height from 15ft to 20ft. The three pillars will be painted in distinct colors and appear to change color as the light moves. These pillars consist of unique items symbolizing the spirit of Erie and Colorado.

Installation Location

Wings to Dreams will be installed in the grassy area between the Erie Community Center and the High Plains Library. Location indicated on the map below is approximate.

Map location for public art piece, artwork to be installed in the grass between the ECC and libraryi

Art Selection Process

Art is a representation of the community, and it was important to create a resident-led volunteer group of 10 participants to drive the decision-making process. An art consultant, Designing Local Ltd., was also hired to lend expertise and best practices to the process. Residents interested in public art or with an art background were encouraged to apply for the Public Art Group. Those interested in being a part of the group were invited to a discussion around what public art is, concepts, ideas, and more. To gain an understanding of optimal art locations, the volunteer group completed a bike tour of 12-15 prominent locations around Erie, narrowing the final potential locations to three and allowing the artist to have some autonomy with their designs.

In total, 105 artists applied to have their art installed in the Town. The Public Art Group considered each application and design in depth and narrowed the choices to three finalists. 

Other Finalist Artists

The final artists were invited to develop a concept for the art piece within 60 days. The two below were the other finalists considered with the winning piece, Wings to Dreams

Uplifting Experience, by Matthew Mazzotta

Hot air balloon with picnic blanket created by Matthew Mazzotta

Unnamed, by Donald Lipski

Cottonwood tree branch created by Donald Lipski