Lock Box Program

The Town of Erie Residential Lock Box Program in partnership with Mountain View Fire Rescue (MVFR) is designed to expedite access to qualified adults in their own homes during medical or other emergencies. The Lock Box Program also reduces the likelihood of property damage caused by first responders forcing entry into a home in response to an emergency call. This program is provided FREE of charge to qualifying Erie residents.

Lock Box Program Qualifications

  • Are 60 years of age or older and live alone,
  • Live alone and have a major medical issue,
  • Or, is a caregiver of an individual that has a major medical issue living in the residence.

How Does the Program Work

  1. The eligible participant will complete and submit a Lock Box Program Application.  
  2. Once the application is approved, MVFR will contact the eligible participant to set up a time for the lock box to be installed.
  3. The participant will provide a spare house key that the MVFR will place inside the lock box and set the combination. 
  4. MVFR will determine the best location for the lock box. 
  5. The lock box will only be used during an emergency call or wellness check, and when responders can’t make entry without using force. At no other time will the lock box be used or will entry be made without authorization. 
  6. There is no cost to participate in the Lock Box Program, other than the cost of a spare key. 
  7. A participant may withdraw from the Lock Box Program at any time by contacting the Active Adults Coordinator at the Erie Community Center, 303-926-2795. After the key is returned to the participant, the empty lock box will be removed from the residence.